"I’m losing sleep,
I’m losing friends,
I’ve got a love hate love with the city I’m in.
I’ll count the hours,
Having just one wish
If I’m doing fine,
There’s no point to this”

Touchè Àmore - Honest Sleep

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(via overboarddd)

BIRTHDAY BOY! 🐶💙✨ @mrbusterdavis #OneYearOld #Buster #HappyBirthday

Rainbow cake. ❤💛💚💙💜💗

Such pretty smiles. 😋💕🐶

For those who enjoy healthy things. I highly recommend this juice. 👌🍍🌱 #EvolutionFresh #supergreen #tasty

🎶Shadows will scream that I’m alone. But I know, we’ve made it this far, kid.🎶

My momma made me a Harry Potter cake! 😍🎂⚡#HarryPotter #BirthdayCake #LOVE

Drinking Heineken with a Starbucks straw. #UltimateBasicWhiteBitch 💁💕💋





Foggy day at Tipsoo Lake, Mt. Rainier National Park - Washington - USA

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ૐᏊelcome Ƭo ᙢy orld☾

this is a really beautiful picture

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